what if you could have an evergreen marketing strategy that keeps working

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business owners

→  You're tired of relying on Instagram and it's unpredictable algorithm

→  You're conflicted on what social media platform would actually work for you

→  You have a beautiful website that no one is seeing

→ You're waiting around just hoping your ideal client will find you

Does this sound like you?

Just like you, I had tried all the social media platforms and got tired of keeping up with the trends.

I wanted a platform to market my business that was not constantly changing with the trends and algorithms. With Pinterest, I found that and SO much more! Pinterest is a goldmine for driving traffic and reaching new customers. I've seen a steady increase in website visits every month and I have created evergreen content with only putting in a couple hours of work a month. I'm still booking clients from pins I posted back in 2019! No joke. You deserve to grow your business by working smarter, not harder!

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Pinterest is the #1 source of traffic to my website

Did you know Pinterest is actually a search engine? There are 500 million users who could be searching specifically for what you're offering! What an amazing way to attract your ideal clients / customers. 

The beauty of Pinterest is that you can invest minimal time (and zero dollars) and have huge payoffs. With a few hours a month, you can grow your reach massively. With this guide, I will teach you all my tips and tricks so you can reach new customers around the world, book your ideal clients, and have an evergreen marketing strategy that works for years. 

Although, success on Pinterest doesn't happen overnight, this guide gives you a strategic approach to build a presence on the platform and become a valuable marketing tool for your business. 

How Pinterest can market your business to millions of new customers and clients 

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your business account, including updating your profile and claiming your website.

How to create and utilize Product Pins so people can shop directly from Pinterest

Exactly what it takes to be successful and create an evergreen marketing strategy that will last months, if not years

You will learn:

The exact course of action I take that makes Pinterest my #1 source of traffic to my website

+ more!




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- victoria petersen

“Hayley’s guide is simple and clear. It helped me formulate a foolproof marketing method which uses the efforts I’m already making and leveraging them for Pinterest as well. I’m confident that this new method will help me reach new clients and boost me into a higher end clientele.”

- emily olson
fashion blogger

“Hayley’s Pinterest guide is so helpful and useful! You can put the tips and tricks to use within minutes of reading the guide. It starts with the basics of setting up your account the right way and then takes you through more detailed steps on how to use Pinterest for your business. I learned so much through using the guide and am already incorporating it into my business strategy!” 

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how do I know if Pinterest would work for my business?


Pinterest marketing is great for photographers, business owners with an online presence, artists, graphic designers, event planners, interior designers, online retailers, and bloggers. If you aren't on that list, reach out to me and I will tell you honestly if Pinterest could work for you! 

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what if I already have a pinterest account for personal use?

That's great! This guide will walk you through how to convert it to a business account and how to keep it professional, while also still being able to use it for personal use! 

what if I don't have time for another marketing platform?

All you have to do is spend an hour a week on your Pinterest marketing and you can truly succeed!!! This guide will show you how you can schedule your pins in advance, allowing you to maximize your time and still have huge payoffs. 

how long until I start seeing success on pinterest?

Unfortunately, success on Pinterest doesn't happen overnight. Building a presence on Pinterest takes time and effort, but with a strategic approach, it can be a valuable marketing tool for your business. The key is staying consistent and I promise it will pay off for you!